GP Future

"GP Future"? is the Internet presence for the GP Future bike racing campaign, run by two racing fans, & .
The campaign started in 2005, followed by the website being launched ahead of the 2006 racing season, after the standard "long chat down the pub" (where many good ideas seem to spring). Click here to find out more about them & the campaign.

GP Future

Why Bike Racing?

For those who have never been to a bike race, we strongly urge you to go. Even if it's only to a club event, you will find a new level of exciting sport. Motorsport in all its forms is exciting but that especially applies to bike racing.
Scarily fast, with frenetic action and graceful, almost balletic movements from the bikes as they tip into corners. Plus that one ingredient that is mostly missing from F1: overtaking.
It's also cheap. A club event will cost between nothing and about £12 to visit. Weekend tickets, even for the national British Superbike events cost no more than £32. For THREE DAYS access. Race day aside, you'll even get to the pits and meet the riders.

GP Future

Why GP Future?

Britain has so many talented young riders, all seeking help & recognition in order that they can ultimately succeed. The GP Future site provides a gateway, particularly in our Showcase section, to riders looking for support in their ambitions to put more British riders into the spotlight.

GP Future

What Else Is There?

If you want to know how to start racing, take a look at our advice section, which will give you can get an idea of what's involved, including learning organisations you need to contact, likely costs, necessary equipment & what goes on at a race meeting (from a racers' perspective).
The links section will direct you to bike racing groups & organisations. Finally, there is our Contact page, where you can get in touch with us.

GP Future

Latest Update

(15 November)
Conscious that the site hasn't been updated in months, Steve finally got round to cleaning things up a bit. The content is much the same, as the alternative layouts he toyed with didn't look right. Hopefully, there'll be more frequent updates during 2015.


Welcome To GP Future

Barry Sheene

We started the site to promote any young British racer, (via a website link) or by providing a web presence (for those who have none). For 2015, one of our goals will to support three talented young riders and a sidecar team, all from the south of England:
Casey O'Gorman, Tom Weeden &
Team JH Racing.

What Is GP Future All About?

Cal Crutcchlow

When we first started our bike racing campaign, we had two aims: to raise the profile of the sport and get as much assistance for as many riders as possible. Six years on, we've learned that, as an amateur campaign team with limited time, that's simply not possible. We now believe it's more constructive to concentrate on helping a smaller number of riders directly, while still offering promotional support for any rider needing help, specifically via our Showcase pages.