Welcome to the online presence of GP Future

Welcome to the site, revised in 2015. After much dithering, I have finally got round to updating much of the content, having left it for far too long.


"GP Future"?

GPFuture.com is the Internet presence for the GP Future bike racing campaign. The idea for such a campaign was first discussed in 2005 and a website was launched ahead of the 2006 racing season.


Why Bike Racing?

For those who have never been to a bike race, we strongly urge you to go. Even if it's only to a club event, you will find a new level of exciting sport. Motorsport in all its forms is exciting but that especially applies to bike racing.
Scarily fast, with frenetic action and graceful, almost balletic movements from the bikes as they tip into corners. Plus that one ingredient that is mostly missing from F1: overtaking.
It's also cheap. A club event will cost between nothing and about £12 to visit. Weekend tickets, even for the national British Superbike events cost no more than £32 for THREE DAYS access. You'll even get to the pits (except on race day, unless you have the right pass) and get the chance to meet the teams and riders face to face.

What Else Is there?

Aside from the revised layout for the site, there is now:

If you have a photo or a video that you'd be prepared to have included in the site, please get in touch. I am particularly keen to locate on-board footage of UK circuits, both full sized and kart tracks used for Minimoto racing.


GP Future started in 2006 to help promote young British bike racing talent so they could get a crack at MotoGP. A little ambitious, perhaps but we're still here, talking the talk.


Photo Gallery

We sometimes take and sometimes get sent photos, too. Here are some samples.


Social Media

  • Founding Partner Steve may be an old geezer but he does make use of this social media stuff. Accordingly, GP Future has both a Facebook and a Twitter page.